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Frequently Asked Questions

When should my child start voice lessons?

I usually see the most committed practicing and the quickest progress with students aged 12 and up, for both vocal reasons and cognitive and emotional reasons. Some students between the ages of 8-11 do very well, but others aren't ready yet--it depends on the individual student and his or her level of music exposure and maturity. Students age 8 and under generally benefit the most from group music classes and choirs. 

What ages do you teach?

I have the qualifications and experience to teach any age, from little ones through older adults. That being said, see my answer above about the younger end of the spectrum. On the other end, I've very much enjoyed working with adults of all ages. No one is too old to improve their singing or to begin learning how to use his or her voice!

What styles of music do you teach?

My students study a variety of genres, from pop to musical theater to opera. My specialty is classical technique, which creates a foundation for singing any type of music you might want to pursue. My approach is to train flexible, healthy voices that can adapt to any style. 

Can you help me get a role in a show/pass an audition/get into regionals/etc?

Yes! IF you work hard too! All progress takes time, and no audition outcome is guaranteed, but it is absolutely possible to improve your chances with hard work in lessons and practicing. Some of my most successful students have been accepted into honors school choirs and Regional, All-State and All-National choirs, gotten leads and supporting roles in community theater and school musicals, and been featured on honors recitals. 

What are your rates?

$30/30-minute lesson

$45/45-minute lesson

$60/hour lesson

What lesson length should i sign up for?

Every student is different, and I can recommend the optimal lesson length after working with a student for a lesson or two. As a general guideline, teens and adults should have at least 45 minutes, and those younger than 12 usually do well starting with 30 minutes. 

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